After NIJISANJI Operator ANYCOLOR’s “Yumenographia” Service Ends, Official Website URL becames a Landmined (Hazardous Matter)?

After NIJISANJI Operator ANYCOLOR's "Yumenographia" Service Ends, Official Website URL becames a Landmined (Hazardous Matter)?

VTuber Kujo Ringo (affiliation: VEE / Sony Music Entertainment) is a 2024 on January 12, Called Attention to the URL (Domain) of “Yumenographia (ユメノグラフィア)” Official Site, whose ANYCOLOR Inc. (Operator of VTuber Grpup NIJISANJI, NIJISANJI EN (New) and Others) Service was Terminated, as it may have been Misused and turned into a Hazardous Matter.

After NIJISANJI Operator ANYCOLOR's "Yumenographia" Service Ends, Official Website URL becames a Landmined (Hazardous Matter)?

We have confirmed that accessing the official Yumenographia site URL of Ichikara Inc. (now ANYCOLOR Inc.), which was terminated in 2021, will take you to a spam (or possibly virus-laden) site.
Perhaps a third party purchased the domain with the same name.
Be careful not to access it!

I was wondering what was going on when I received a warning from YouTube that the URL I had written in the summary section of a previous advertisement was in violation of their guidelines.
I checked the URL and found that it was as described above.
Not only for Yumenographia, but also for any domain name that can be bought by anyone, so you have to be careful about old URLs.

Yumenographia was a communication service that ANYCOLOR had offered since December 2019, featuring one-on-one interaction with virtual cast. The company subsequently announced the termination of the service on November 17, 2021, stating that “It has been difficult to draw the growth curve we had envisioned, and after considering future developments, we regretfully have reached the decision to terminate the service“.

This was in response to a series of criticism of ANYCOLOR from cast members and users, as more than 50 cast members would effectively be laid off, and a petition from customers demanding relief for their cast members was submitted to the company’s CEO, Tazumi Riku, but the service was terminated as scheduled. As a result, the service was terminated as scheduled, and many of the cast members and customers were effectively cut off by the company.

This situation is becoming a major problem in Japan, and while other talent from other firm groups, such as Kujo Ringo, are calling for attention, ANYCOLOR, the company that caused the problem, has made no announcement at this time.The company has been causing numerous problems since the beginning of this year, and failure to manage even 1 domain name, despite being an IT company, seems to be drawing criticism from many people.

Until January 12, official X (Twitter) account of Yumenographia still had this URL. Please be aware that there is a risk of unknowingly accessing this URL.

( 管理代表者「2号さん」/バーチャル・メタバース・VTuber情報)