Amatsuka Uto Returns, Joined VTuber Agency VOICE-ORE

Amatsuka Uto Returns, Joined VTuber Agency VOICE-ORE

VTuber Amatsuka Uto (Indefinite Hiatus since April 30) Announced that on December 9, 2023 (PST) will Return to her Activities and Join VTuber Agency VOICE-ORE.

VTuber 天使うと 4月30日をもって無期限活動休止に
Amatsuka Uto
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Amatsuka Uto is a VTuber who started her career on October 14, 2020. Her character was designed by Nabi, the same as Watson Amelia who affiliatings to English-speaking female group “hololive English (holololive-EN)” of VTuber agency hololive Production, and Amatsuka herself learned English Amatsuka began streaming while learning English, attracting the attention of overseas listeners and fans, and this led to an unprecedented growth for an independent talent at the time.

On the other hand, Amatsuka Uto has been accused of acting as if she were a member of hololive Production and of being a “Stealth Corporate Talent,” and in the past she has made some explanations.

On December 9, Amatsuka Uto conducted a streaming announcement about her future. Many of the comments in the video archive are in English, indicating the response from overseas listeners and fans who have been waiting for her return.

VTuber agency “VOICE-ORE” to which Amatsuka Uto affiliates is a virtual voice-over production operates by PERSOL INNOVATION CO., LTD. known in Japan for catchphrase “Let’s Work and Laugh”. On July 23, Mikeneko (Independent) joined under the name “Koito Ria“.

The future activities of Amatsuka Uto, who has made a comeback, will be closely watched.

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