ANYCOLOR’s Chinese Joint Venture VirtuaReal Graduation “Mitsusa”

ANYCOLOR’s Chinese Joint Venture VirtuaReal Graduation “Mitsusa”

Mitsusa, a Talent of Chinese Joint Venture VirtuaReal of ANYCOLOR Inc. (which operates VTuber Group NIJISANJI, etc.) will Graduate on March 20.

ANYCOLOR’s Chinese Joint Venture VirtuaReal Graduation “Mitsusa”
Image Credit: bilibili

🌙Nice to meet you!!!🐇 Hello everyone, I’m Bunny~ I don’t realize that it’s been more than four years since I’ve been a magical girl trainee on Earth 🪄.

It’s been a really fun experience on Earth! In order to collect happy energy ✨, I started live streaming. During this time I met many, many little moon rabbits, and my little moon rabbits and I talked together 🌷, experienced different stories in various game worlds together 🎨, worked towards various goals together, and accompanied each other 🌱, and have long since become a very important part of each other. Rabbit has always felt that no matter what happens, as long as I chat with everyone in 8721033, I will feel especially happy, and this place is like home 🏡, a haven for me. 🩷

I organized the experiences of these four years or so and wrote them into my thesis =w= The result – an A+ from my magical tutor! ㊗️
This means I’ve been able to become a qualified magical girl~🎉

A magical girl will hold a graduation ceremony on a day when spring flowers bloom 🌸. on March 20th I will officially graduate as a magical girl!
With the magic power of a magical girl, Bunny will be able to return to the moon. 🌕
As important companions who have accompanied the rabbit along the way, the little moon rabbits should also come to the rabbit’s graduation ceremony! (Spoiler alert: graduation ceremonies for magical girls are pretty special ^o^)
🌈 During this last period of time, the rabbit has arranged a schedule, so I hope to spend every day with you happily!

Ah yes! Captain’s Gift 🎁 will be followed up by @VirtuaReal’s staf~ Bunny will keep an eye on it as well!

Thank you for bringing so many wonderful memories to Rabbit on Earth, it was the most memorable experience of my Rabbit life 💖. Be sure to eat and sleep well and be happy every day, little moon bunnies! 💌

🔺Gift stop date: March 20, 2024
🔸All content on this account will be retained