ANYCOLOR’s Chinese Joint Venture VirtuaReal Graduation “Remi”

ANYCOLOR's Chinese Joint Venture VirtuaReal Graduation "Remi"

Remi, a Talent of Chinese Joint Venture VirtuaReal of ANYCOLOR Inc. (which operates VTuber Group NIJISANJI, etc.) will Graduate on February 3.

ANYCOLOR's Chinese Joint Venture VirtuaReal Graduation "Remi"
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I am Remi, a little nudibranch. It’s been 3 years since I came ashore from the sea! Do you still remember when Booyah and Remi met?
When I was young, I was still a very inconsistent amphibian who feared making mistakes in everything I did, wanted everything to be perfect, and pretended to be strong.
With Booyah’s encouragement, Remi gradually gained confidence. I couldn’t do anything, so thank you for staying with me until I got to the station.
She performed on stages she had never imagined, and now Remi has the ability to travel the world on her own.
The dream that we spun will surely wake up one day and it will be time to say goodbye in no time Remi is still a work in progress.
Fang made Booyah wait for a long time on her way to pursue her dream. There may be a better way to end the story before departing.
Remi still wants to say goodbye to Booyah ~ let’s end this dream together!

Remi’s graduation streaming will take place on February 3 at 12:00 (UTC-8).
This account will also cease to be active at the end of the graduation streaming and all account content will remain intact.

January 31, 2024

蕾米Remi / 蕾米

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