ANYCOLOR Still Collecting Fan Club Dues for Former NIJISANJI’s VTuber Gundo Mirei?

ANYCOLOR Still Collecting Fan Club Dues for Former NIJISANJI's VTuber Gundo Mirei?

Some listeners and fans have pointed out that ANYCOLOR Inc. may still be collecting dues (which the company has already announced it will stop) for the fan club of Gundo Mirei (郡道美玲), who graduated from VTuber group NIJISANJI.

Gundo Mirei, a talent from ANYCOLOR’s VTuber group NIJISANJI, will graduate on June 21, 2023 ANYCOLOR announced that the talent’s official fan club will be suspended accordingly, and that continuing payments for renewals will also be suspended.

Accordingly, Gundo Mirei’s official fan club “Gundo Mirei’s Pig Farm” will be closed according to the following schedule.

June 23, 2023 (Fri.) around 12:00 noon (JST): Fan club ends and membership renewal stops.
*Credit card and app payment for renewal will also be stopped around 12:00 noon on June 23 (Fri.).
*Continuation by convenience store payment will also be unavailable.

However, we have now confirmed that former viewers and fans of the talent have reported that dues were collected from Gundo’s fan club, which should have already been terminated.

Gundo Sensei’s fan club fee July 24 pulled from Google, why…?

Gundo Mirei’s Fan Club Premium Plan (NIJISANJI FAN CLUB)
Automatic Renewal of Subscription
¥19,800 / year
Total: ¥19,800 / year
(Consumption Tax Included ¥0)

ANYCOLOR Still Collecting Fan Club Dues for Former NIJISANJI's VTuber Gundo Mirei?
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Furthermore, some listeners and fans said “I haven’t heard from you after applying for a refund.” and “This will get a bulletin, but who will write that?

It is possible that there has been a clerical error or other error by ANYCOLOR regarding the collection of Gundo’s fan club dues. We are awaiting an official announcement and encourage all listeners and fans who have joined the fan club to reconfirm their membership.

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