Aogiri High School Confirms “Money Trouble” Slander etc Against VTuber Harusame Urame

Aogiri High School Confirms

On July 13, 2023 (PST), viviON, Inc. confirmed that it has seen the spreading of untrue content and slanderous statements such as “Money Trouble” against VTuber group Aogiri High School‘s talent Harusame Urame (春雨麗女), they have announced that they will consider taking legal action in response.

Aogiri High School Confirms

We have confirmed that the VTuber “Harusame Urame” has been spreading false information and slanderous slander regarding her private life, including financial troubles.
We will consider taking legal action in this matter. We ask that you refrain from slander and libel based on speculation.

Management of Aogiri High School

Harusame Urame is a new talent who debuted on July 11 at Aogiri High School and is scheduled to stream for the first time on July 14 at 3:00 (PST).

Hakugei Hoeru (白鯨ほえる / Independent), who has disclosed her “Money Trouble” in her private life (activities other than as Harusame Urame), has objected to the statement of Aogiri High School, and indicated that will fight with the group in the future.

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