Aogiri High School’s VTuber Otodama Tamako Return to Activity

Aogiri High School's VTuber Otodama Tamako Return to Activity

VTuber Otodama Tamako (音霊魂子 / affiliation: Aogiri High School) announced on July 10, 2023 (PST) that she will return to her previously suspended activities.

Aogiri High School's VTuber Otodama Tamako Return to Activity
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Otodama apologized to VTuber group “Aogiri High School” and their viewers and fans for the trouble he has caused them. She has stated that she would like to start from scratch and continue her activities as “Aogiri High School’s Otodama Tamako”.

Since February, Otodama has been criticized by some for prioritizing her private life over her VTuber activities. On March 13, Create Ring (now merged into viviON inc.), the group’s operator, issued an apology, claiming that Otodama had made “Inappropriate comments that were considered discriminatory by some” in streaming. On April 13, viviON announced that it would suspend her activities for an indefinite period of time.

The events that took place at Aogiri High School, to which Tamako affiliates, have had a significant impact, with a decrease in the number of viewers of short videos and a decrease in YouTube subscribers to their channel. It will be interesting to see if the return of Otodama Tamako will help to bring about a recovery.

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