Brave group is the First Japanese Company to Fully Enter the European VTuber Market, Establishment of Local Agency “globie”

Brave group is the First Japanese Company to Fully Enter the European VTuber Market, Establishment of Local Agency “globie”

Brave group, Inc. announced on June 13, 2023 (PST) the establishment of Brave group Europe Limited in London, UK, and establishment of European VTuber Agency “globie“, enter the European VTuber Market.

Brave group is the First Japanese Company to Fully Enter the European VTuber Market, Establishment of Local Agency “globie”
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This is the First Full-Scale Entry into the European VTuber Market by a Japanese Company.

Brave group Europe Limited

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Company NameBrave group Europe Limited
Date of EstablishmentMarch, 2023
Managing DirectorTakizawa Takahiro
Address3.25 East London Works, 75 Whitechapel Road, London E1 1DU
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VTuber Production “globie”

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Brave group Europe is the first Japanese company to develop a multilingual VTuber project in Europe. In addition to English, Brave group Europe plans to hire speakers of Spanish, French, German, and other European languages to debut as VTuber talents by the end of this year. In conjunction with this, the VTuber production “globie” audition website is now open and accepting applications.

globie audition


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EC and Information Dissemination Site “FavieBox”

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In addition, “FavieBox,” an EC and information transmission site specializing in handling Japanese anime-related goods, is scheduled to open on August 1. The site will sell a comprehensive lineup of anime-related goods at low prices, and will also provide information on Japanese subculture, In the future, the site is expected to handle Brave group Europe and other Brave group IP-related goods, and aims to contribute to the development of Japanese subcultures in the European region through the sale of goods and the dissemination of information.

Prior to the official opening, a pre-opening campaign is underway.


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Brave group Accelerates Overseas Expansion?

Brave group believes that the European VTuber market is in its “infancy,” but that many new talents are being born in Germany. The total population of the region is approximately 700 million, and the three countries that are the trend-setting regions in Europe, the UK, France, and Germany, in particular, have a population of approximately 200 million, which means that there is a strong ripple effect from these three countries to other countries. English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish are the major languages spoken in these countries, and Spanish and French alone have approximately 470 million and 130 million native speakers, respectively, making multilingual support for the entire European region a very effective way to reach Spanish- and French-speaking countries and other regions. By providing multilingual services to the entire European region, the company expects to be able to cover Spanish-speaking and French-speaking countries and expand its market size.

U.S., in March. The company announced the debut of two first-term students who will become new talents from “V4Mirai,” the first VTuber project specializing in English-speaking countries, indicating that the company is accelerating its full-scale overseas expansion, including this entry into Europe.

Brave groupが米国に続き「英国拠点」を設立し、欧州市場に参入。欧州圏多言語VTuber事業を開始、年内デビューへ


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