VTubers' 24-hour Live Streaming Project

VTuber Koka Style Ninja! Ponpoko (甲賀流忍者!ぽんぽこ / Independent) and Want Fashionable! Peanutkun (オシャレになりたい!ピーナッツくん / same as above) has Released the Schedule for the 24-hour Live Streaming Project “Ponpoko 24 vol. 7”.

VTubers' 24-hour Live Streaming Project
Image Credit: X (Twitter)

“Ponpoko24″ is a 24-hour live broadcast project organized by Ponpoko and Peanutkun, in which VTuber talents and others appear across agency, group, corporate, and individual boundaries. This year’s theme is “Survival”.

ぽんぽこチャンネル / 甲賀流忍者ぽんぽこ

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