Can hololive Production's First

5 new talents, “Advent,” are making their debut as part of hololive English (hololive-EN), an English-Speaking female group from VTuber agency hololive Production. Of the five, Fuwawa Abyssgard and Mococo Abyssgard‘s “FUWAMOCO” has attracted a lot of attention.

Can hololive Production's First
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The First “Twin Talents” in hololive Production’s History

Fuwawa Abyssgard and Mococo Abyssgard are the first “Twin Talents” in history of hololive Production. They will also share the same official YouTube channel and official X (Twitter) account as the FUWAMOCO duo, which is an “Unprecedented” new challenge for a major agencies or groups.

This is not only a first for the largest agency in the industry, but also a challenge for the VTuber industry to the jinx that has been held until now that “Twin talents affiliated with a corporate-run agencies or groups are unlikely to be successful enough”.

Twin / Partner-to-Partner VTuber Talents is Minority

Who do you think of when you hear the words “Twins or partners who affiliating to a corporate-run agencies or groups”?

As for twin talents who are active on a regular basis through streaming or video posting, Omega Sisters (Omega Ray / Omega Rio) are pioneers among independent talents and have gained a certain level of name recognition and popularity, but the list of corporate-run agencies and groups is rather limited.

Furthermore, if we broaden the scope from twins to include “multi-talented units in general,” virtual singer HIMEHINA (Tanaka Hime and Suzuki Hina / affiliation: Studio LaRa), who has been active as a pioneer along with the Omega Sisters, has gained high popularity. However, this is also a limited case.

Can Open up New Possibilities?

Against this background, the twin talents “FUWAMOCO” represents an unknown challenge for hololive Production.

The industry’s largest agency will challenge the jinxes of the past. If successful, this will open up new possibilities for the VTuber industry and provide a tailwind for the twin and partner VTuber talents who have been active to date.

The first streaming of the debut of Fuwawa and Mococo will be on July 30 at 20:45 pm (PDT). The challenge of FUWAMOCO begins to see if they can blaze a new trail!

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