Chinese VTuber Agency AuroraLiveVR may have Many Problems [Update as Needed]

Chinese VTuber Agency AuroraLiveVR may have Many Problems [Update as Needed]

We have Just Confirmed that Various Problems may have Surfaced at Chinese VTuber Agency AuroraLiveVR (chinese name: Jiguangshe).

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AuroraLiveVR is a leading agency in VTuber business, mainly on the Chinese video platform bilibili. It is said to have about 200 talents belonging to the company, and is said to occupy the 3rd largest share on bilibili (Note that “AuroraLive” in Taiwan is an unrelated agency with different management).

The incidents and allegations that have reportedly surfaced at AuroraLiveVR are as follows.

The following information will be updated as needed.

Incidents and Allegations surrounding AuroraLiveVR

  • In March, all 40 talents for English-speaking countries were dismissed along with the management team.
  • New English-speaking talent “Lilian Shizukan” announced her graduation and farewell from AuroraLiveVR on November 21 (PST).

  • Serafina’s official YouTube channel is suspected of not earning revenue from video views, super chat, and memberships due to sloppy ad setup.
  • Suspicion that AuroraLiveVR management provides little or no assets or backup for the talent’s streaming activities.
  • Suspicion that the support from AuroraLiveVR for the activity is at the expense of the talent who belongs to the company.
  • Allegations that character models no longer used by Chinese talent were diverted to English-speaking talent and vice versa.
  • AuroraLiveVR’s managers in charge of English-speaking countries have received a string of complaints from English-speaking talents.
  • This manager was suspected of being forced to work full time without pay (now considered paid).
  • Suspected of stealing model designs from hololive Production’s talent Tokoyami Towa and etc.
  • The above has forced some talents to completely revise their branding, including changing the design of their models.
  • AuroraLiveVR aims to become the “Next NIJISANJI” by the end of 2022, and has hired a former NIJISANJI (ANYCOLOR inc.?) employee as manager.
  • The preparation of models for as many as 30 talents has been delayed? In addition, the talents is becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the limited means of communication with the management, some have expressed their desire to withdraw from the agency.
  • Possibly other chinese managers who have also remained unpaid for many months.
  • The management claims that the manager’s unpaid work is a “probationary period” to ensure that the person is trustworthy and dedicated.This period “Varies depending on the efforts of the staff and usually lasts for 6 months,” according to some staff members.
  • The upper management, blaming the managers for the lack of success of the talents at this point in time, will no longer hire overseas managers and will only use those who work in the china headquarters?
  • The talent is split between those who decide to buy out their models or give them up altogether upon retirement, while others, like Lilian Shizukan, issue statements or abandon their social networking accounts.
  • Of the 40 talents who were scheduled to debut in early 2023, only 5 actually made it?
  • Some wanted to be a VTuber but were asked by the management to be a manager.

Movements on AuroraLiveVR

On November 23, AuroraLiveVR issued a statement suggesting legal action in response to the “Untrue Statements” made by the agency.

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