Chinese VTuber Agency AuroraLiveVR Suggests Legal Action for “Untrue Statements”

Chinese VTuber Agency AuroraLiveVR Suggests Legal Action for

Chinese VTuber Agency AuroraLiveVR (chinese name: Jiguangshe) Issued a Statement on November 23, 2023 (PST) Suggesting Legal Action in Response to “Untrue statements” made by the Agency.

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AuroraLiveVR is a leading agency in VTuber business, mainly on the Chinese video platform bilibili. It is said to have about 200 talents belonging to the company, and is said to occupy the 3rd largest share on bilibili (Note that “AuroraLive” in Taiwan is an unrelated agency with different management).


Recently, certain untrue statements have been causing harm to our talents. In response to these
false statements, we reserve the right to pursue legal action to protect our talents.

Simultaneously, our communication with talents has always been guided by principles of friendly
negotiation and mutual progress. Our core values remain rooted in respecting talents, nurturing the
virtual idol industry, and aspiring to collectively build a community of harmony and shared
dreams. We deeply apologize for any disappointment experienced by our audience due to communication misunderstandings and false statements.

We will stay true to our principles by providing unique planning, meticulously crafted virtual
images, and professional operational support for our talents. Concurrently, we reserve the right to
legally address false statements that harm our talents, aiming to foster a fair and liberated
environment for our shared passion.

AuroraLiveVR, Inc.

AuroraLiveVR has recently confirmed that various problems may have surfaced. Therefore, AuroraLiveVR’s statement may be aimed at calming these issues.

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