COVER Corporation’s CEO Tanigo Motoaki “Retirement from hololive Production’s Goods Model”

カバー社 谷郷元昭社長「ホロライブプロダクショングッズモデルからの引退」に反響の声

COVER Corporation CEO Tanigo Motoaki (nicknamed YAGOO) Announced on October 1, 2023 (PST) that he Retired as a Merchs Model for the company’s VTuber agency, hololive Production, at the end of September.


I have continued to work as a merch model for hololive Production, but I retired from modeling at the end of Sep. as I will soon be turning 50!

YAGOO / Motoaki Tanigo (@tanigox)

Tanigo is affectionately known as “YAGOO” by VTuber listeners and fans, and when the company introduced merchandise related tohololive Productions on X (Twitter), he personally appeared as a merchandise model and was shown wearing a merchandise T-shirt.

He also appeared at events organized by the company such as “hololive SUPER EXPO” and in videos produced by hololive production, showing his positive attitude toward efforts to familiarize himself with listeners and fans.

Tanigo’s retirement as a merchandise model has been met with a variety of reactions worldwide, mainly from those who regret the decision, and “YAGOO” was even trending on X (Twitter) for a time.

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