COVER Established Guideline for Secondary Game Creation, Launched “holo Indie” Brand

COVER Established Guideline for Secondary Game Creation, Launched

On November 15, 2023 (PST), COVER Corporation Announced the Establishment of “Guideline for Secondary Games,” the Launch of “holo Indie” Game Brand for Secondary Games, and Release of 1st title “Holo Parade“.

Holo Parade
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Guideline for Secondary Games

“Guideline for Secondary Games” are intended to provide a return ecosystem for co-creation by fans and creators around the world, to support ongoing activities for creators of derivative games, and to create opportunities to bring a wide variety of secondary games to as many fans as possible.

In addition, it was announced that a game creator support program* will be offered to provide “Listing on Steam Accounts for Secondary Games” and launch of a new game brand “holo Indie” for secondary games was announced.

This initiative will also make it possible to distribute for a fee secondary games that use the company’s IP, thereby supporting the ongoing activities of secondary game creators as mentioned above.

* For the provision of the Game Creator Support Program, COVER will establish a new company, CCMC (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo), and entrust CCMC with the necessary administrative tasks, including posting, screening, and management of Steam accounts and other websites.

holo Indie

A generic name for a brand of games for secondary game creation created through the Game Creator Support Program with the aim of co-creating with fans and creators of Hololive Productions around the world.

Through this brand, the company aims to provide a return ecosystem to support ongoing activities for secondary game creators and create opportunities to deliver a wide variety of secondary games to more fans.

1st Title “Holo Parade”

As a test case for “holo Indie,” “Holo Parade,” created by independent game developer Roboqlo, will be released.

The game is a single-player 2D tower defense game that allows players to collect, raise, and view more than 65 hololive Production talents and mascot characters.

Holo Parade


Comment from the Creator “Roboqlo”

“My name is Roboqlo, and I am a fan of hololive production, and a creator for game development and illustration. I created HoloParade by myself, including planning, graphic creation, and programming. As a fan and creator, I put all my love and effort into this game, and I hope you will enjoy it.”

hololive Production’s secondary games include “HoloCure” and “Holo no Suika”, these games have become popular, with holomen (hololive Production’s talents) streaming the games.

The official “HoloCure” X (Twitter) account issued a statement on the same day regarding the future development policy of this game.

HoloCure – Save the Fans!


With the establishment of the guidelines and the launch of the game brand by COVER, it is expected that these games will become more popular as indie games.

COVER Corporation Announces the Addition of “Derivative Work Game Guideline”, and Establishment of “holo Indie”, a Game Brand for Derivative Work Game

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