Disability Welfare Media Published a Column about NIJISANJI VTuber Kenmochi Toya’s “ADHD Comment”

Disability Welfare Media Published a Column about NIJISANJI VTuber Kenmochi Toya's

On September 19, 2023 (JST), the Disability Welfare Media outlet “shohgaisha.com” Published a Column Critical of an Online Streaming in which “HDMI” was called out as a cloak for ADHD (Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder). It was confirmed that this drew attention as possibly referring to a streaming by VTuber Kenmochi Toya (affiliation: NIJISANJI).

Disability Welfare Media Published a Column about NIJISANJI VTuber Kenmochi Toya's

Kenmochi Toya’s “ADHD” Suggestive Remarks Problem Flow

On August 22, in a streaming commemorating his birthday, Kenmochi Toya implied that Tsukino Mito and Uzuki Kou have ADHD.

Kenmochi said in the streaming (around the 90-minute mark), “We’ve told each other that we’re both screw-ups, and I’ve softened the term ‘screw-up’ to ‘HDMI’”. On the other hand, he also said, “I think this is a good thing as a streamer,” and “To be honest, they are inseparable when you are in this industry,” suggesting that he did not mean his comments in a negative way.

However, the content of this statement was controversial among listeners and fans, and after the streaming ended, some of them pointed out that “HDMI” might be a “Cloak for ADHD,” and that it was inappropriate.

Furthermore, in Kenmochi’s subsequent streaming, “HDMI” “ADHD” “コウ (Kou)” “月ノ (Tsukino)” “美兎 (Mito)” “委員長 (Iinchou / Nickname for Tsukino Mito)” “mt” “ku” “発達 (Developmental)” and “障害 (Disorder)” were blocked (designated as NG words), leading to increased criticism. Some people have criticized not only Kenmochi himself but also his group NIJISANJI and ANYCOLOR Inc. for not apologizing, and the situation appears to be escalating into a virtual flame war.

As of September 22, neither Kenmochi Toya nor ANYCOLOR has issued an apology.

Column Content on shohgaisha.com

shohgaisha.com is a disability welfare information media operated by shohgaisha.com, Inc. The site provides information on disability welfare service facilities in Japan, as well as a series of columns related to disability welfare.

On September 19, the site published a column titled “The Sound of the Letter ‘HDMI’“. “It seems that “HDMI” was called out as a cryptic term for ADHD in some streaming. Since it was a streaming that many people were watching, the influence was not small, and ADHD and HDMI were sometimes seriously mistaken.” “Some people said that it sublimated the untouchable developmental disorder as a story, but it is a terrible outburst. It is nothing more than an excuse for slanderous behavior.

Although the distribution is not directly named in this column, many of you have suggested that it is a criticism of Kenmochi’s aforementioned “ADHD” comment.

As of September 22, this issue has become an ongoing sensitive topic. While some have said that this is a de facto flame war, we ask that you keep an eye on the situation and make a calm decision without getting involved in slandering.

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