“Former Caster of a Famous Japanese Children’s NHK TV Program” Yokoyama Daisuke Apologized for Posting a “Shukusei!! Loligami Requiem” Dance Challenge Video

On October 3, 2023 (PST), Actor Yokoyama Daisuke, the “11th Singing Brother” on NHK’s Educational TV Program “Together With Mom,” Apologized for Posting a Video of VTuber Shigure Ui’s Music Video “Shukusei!! Loligami Requiem“.

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Yokoyama Daisuke was the anchor “11th Uta no Oniisan” (11th Singing Brother) of “With Mom”, a long-running Japanese children’s TV program known to all Japanese people.

The music video for “Shukusei!! Loligod Requiem☆”, for which Daisuke Yokoyama apologized for posting the dancing video, is about “Shigure Ui, who has become a child, expressing disgust and fighting off malicious adults who are stalking her”.

On the other hand, since the contents of this song and music video include references to pedophilia, there is a view that, apart from the pure fun of the work and the popularity of Odottemita, people and businesses engaged in projects and activities for children should refrain from carelessly touching them. Furthermore, there is a cautionary view that people should enjoy the works in moderation, lest they become the target of radical feninists and expression restrictionists. And, Shigure Ui and this hit contents itself would be blameless.

On October 2, Artec Co., Ltd. a manufacturer and seller of school materials and educational toys, announced an apology after receiving criticism from parents and guardians of children for a post on its official X (Twitter) account that referred to the security buzzer for children that appears in this music video.

In his blog, Yokoyama Daisuke apologized, “This time, without understanding the lyrics and background of the song, I imitated the dance and posted it just because it was trendy. I am very sorry for deeply hurting the supporters and making many people feel uncomfortable. I am deeply sorry for deeply hurting the supporters and for offending many people.” “It is all my fault,” he said, “I will take your feedback seriously and make efforts to ensure that such a situation will never happen again“.

Furthermore, it was reported that the TikTok account on which the video was posted has been deleted.



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