Gawr Gura Collaboration Event with Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium to be Held

COVER Corporation Announced on November 27, 2023 (PST) that Gawr Gura, a Talent of English-Speaing Female Group “hololive English (holololive-EN)” of hololive Production, and Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium operated by Yokohama Hakkeijima Inc.Collaboration Event “Gurarium in Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium” will be Held from January 20, 2024 to February 29, 2024 (JST).

Gawr Gura Collaboration Event with Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium to be Held
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This event is part of an effort by the City of Sendai and Gawr Gura to promote the attractions of Sendai and neighboring coastal areas to attract tourists from Japan and abroad and to help the local economy recover under the “Blue Tourism Promotion Support Program” implemented by Japanese government.

“Gurarium in Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium” features newly drawn life-sized panels, a welcome movie, Gawr Gura’s voice introductions to creatures and illustrated panels, as well as a sardine show in the large aquarium “Inochi Kirameku Umi”. Not only will Gawr Gura and hololive’s songs be played during “Sparkling of Life” and the dolphin/sea lion performance “STADIUM LIVE ~We Are One~,” but Gawr Gura will also be narrating. We also plan to sell collaborative food, drinks, and goods featuring newly drawn illustrations.

Image Credit: Press Release
© 2016 COVER Corp.

The key visual illustration (Gawr Gura only) will be drawn by illustrator Yoai, the life-size illustration by Tousaki Shiina, and the deformed illustration by Yumenouchi.


Event NameGurarium in Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium
LocationSendai Umino-Mori Aquarium
(4-6 Nakano, Miyagino-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture)
PeriodJanuary 20 (Sat)~ February 29, 2024 (Thu) (JST)
ContentsWelcome Movie & Photo Spot, Creature Introduction Narration,
Special edition “STADIUM LIVE ~We Are One~” and “Sparkling of Life”,
Collaboration food and goods sales, etc.
* The contents may be subject to change.
* Goods will be sold on site during the event, and will also be available for purchase through the EC after the event.

About “Blue Tourism Promotion Support Project”

This project by the Japan Tourism Agency aims to increase the attractiveness of the sea, attract and retain tourists from Japan and abroad, as a countermeasure against rumors caused by the release of ALPS treated water into the sea.The program provides comprehensive support for efforts to

  1. Improve the environment for receiving visitors to beaches,
  2. Enhance content that allows visitors to experience the attractiveness of the sea,
  3. Promote sea-focused activities, and
  4. Acquire international certification for beaches and other facilities.


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