HOLOEARTH's 2nd Protolive “Yamato Fantasia (Replay)” will be held on October 22

COVER Corporation Announced on September 14, 2023 (PST) that it will hold “Protolive#2 ~Yamato Fantasia~ (Replay),” the 2nd Virtual Live of VTuber Agency hololive Production’s Metaverse Project “HOLOEARTH,” on October 22.

HOLOEARTH's 2nd Protolive “Yamato Fantasia (Replay)” will be held on October 22
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This replay performance, including the MC part, will be the same as the live event held in July (some of the performances, such as lanterns, staff roll, etc., will reflect the latest status).

The event area “Kyo-no-Miyako” where this live event will take place is scheduled to open from October 19 to 24. New chat stamps for use in HOLOEARTH will be added when “Kyo-no-Miyako” opens.

In addition, the replay will be streamed on SPWN and Streaming+ for a fee so that you can enjoy the replay with the performers (Shirakami Fubuki, Sakura Miko, Nakiri Ayame, and Ookami Mio). The live performance will be streamed on SPWN and Streaming+, where you can enjoy the live performance from the audience’s point of view, with the celebrities actually logging in to “HOLOEARTH”.

Those who have purchased tickets to view the previous “Yamato Phantasia” video on SPWN / Streaming+ will be able to view this simultaneous streaming for free.

Tickets will be on sale soon. As soon as the sales date is determined, it will be announced on the official HOLOEARTH X (Twitter) account and the official site.

About the Yamato Phantasia Replay and Holoearth Going Forward



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