“hololive DEV_IS” Attracts a lot of Attention, Some Predicted a New VTuber etc

“hololive DEV_IS” Attracts a lot of Attention, Some Predicted a New VTuber etc

VTuber Agency hololive Production’s New Project “hololive DEV_IS” has Attracted the Attention of Listeners and Fans, who are Anticipating the Debut of New Talents and Etc.

“hololive DEV_IS” Attracts a lot of Attention, Some Predicted a New VTuber etc
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hololive DEV_IS” is a new project that was unveiled during the live streaming event “hololive summer 2023 Live SPLASH PARTY! An official YouTube channel has also been established.

The video released on the same day is full of mystery: a woman runs around the streets of Shibuya and arrives at a place that seems to be a live house.

Furthermore, in the countdown video that has been released daily since then, several individuals have been identified. This has led some viewers and fans to speculate that this project may be a new talent for hololive Production, especially the 7th gen of new talents for the Japanese female group “hololive,” which has not had a new talent debut since November 2021.

members of the “Secret Society holoX,” a 6th gen talents group that debuted in November 2021. In addition, September is a time when holoLive’s various commemorative events are decreasing. Therefore, it is assumed that the group can afford to accept new talents.

Meanwhile, at the end of July, hololive Production debuted “Advent” new 5 talents in the 3rd gen of English-speaking female group “hololive English (hololive-EN)”. Although not part of the same group, the domestic and international talents interact with each other as holomen (hololive Production’s Talent), and given the fact that many listeners and fans feel the same way, the timing of the debut of “Advent,” only a month after debut, is subtle for a new talents. Given the fact that they have been cautious about adding new talents to their roster, it seems highly unlikely that the agency and its operator COVER Corporation. would make such a hasty decision to debut more new talents less than a month after the debut of “Advent”.

Furthermore, the fact that an official YouTube channel has been set up for this project suggests the possibility that this is a “New Experiment” that is unprecedented for the debut of new talents. If it follows the conventional method of debuting new talents, it is not likely that a new YouTube channel like this one will be established.

COVER Corporation announced in its financial results for the fiscal year ended March 2023 that it plans to debut several new talents from hololive Production in the fiscal year ending March 2024. “hololive_DEV_IS” project will be the focus of attention from the perspective of whether this refers only to the five “Advent” talents in 3rd gen of hololive English (hololive-EN) or whether more new talents are scheduled to debut.

Further information on this project will be announced on September 4.

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