hololive English 3rd-Gen VTubers

As of July 26, 2023 (PST), “Advent” 5 talents (4 channels) from 3rd-gen of hololive English (hololive-EN), an English-Speaking female group from VTuber agency hololive Production, have reached 100K subscribers on YouTube within half a day of their release on July 25.

hololive English 3rd-Gen VTubers
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Talent Name
Shiori Novella
Shiori Novella Ch. hololive-EN
Koseki Bijou
Koseki Bijou Ch. hololive-EN
Nerissa Ravencroft
Nerissa Ravencroft Ch. hololive-EN
Fuwawa Abyssgard
Mococo Abyssgard

FUWAMOCO Ch. hololive-EN
9AM July 26, 2023 (PST / 8AM PDT)

The “Advent” 5 talents are the first new talents to join hololive English in almost 2 years, since August 2021. Fuwawa Abyssgard and Mococo Abyssgard are the first twin talents “FUWAMOCO” to share an official YouTube channel and official X (Twitter) account in history of hololive Production

Debut Streaming

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Collaboration Streaming

Date and TimeJuly 30, 9:30pm~ (PST)
ChannelShiori Novella Ch. hololive-EN

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