On October 8, 2023 (PST), COVER Corporation. Announced that 4 Talents from “Hololive English -Council- (equivalent 2nd Gen)” of English-Speaking Female Group hololive English (hololive-EN) and IRyS from hololive Production, a VTuber Agency, will Join the New Unit “hololive-English – Promise-“.

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This information was first presented during a 3D collaboration streaming by 4 Council talents (Ceres Fauna / Ouro Kronii / Nanashi Mumei / Hakos Baelz) and IRyS on October 8 at 8pm (PST / PDT).

With the launch of Promise, IRyS’s affiliation will change from the group’s virtual singer project “Project: HOPE” to Promise.

The launch of “Hololive English -Promise-” can be seen as the de facto merger of the Council and Project: HOPE.

The 4 Council talents and IRyS, who have been collaborating with each other in recent years since their debut at the same time, are expected to expand their activities in the future by becoming 1 new unit.

COVER Corp. Announces New Unit “hololive English -Promise- Formed by hololive English Members

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