hololive’s Fan-Made Fighting Game “Idol Showdown” Official Tournament to be Held at EVO 2023

hololive's Fan-Made Fighting Game

Besto Game Team, developer and operator of “Idol Showdown,” a fan-made fighting game based on the Japanese female VTuber group hololive, announced on July 15, 2023 (PST) that the first official tournament for the game will be held at the EVO 2023 e-sports tournament.

hololive's Fan-Made Fighting Game
Image Credit: Twitter

We are HYPED to announce that we’ll be hosting our very first official Idol Showdown tournament ever at EVO 2023!

Let’s prove once and for all who the strongest Idol Showdown player is.

Idol Showdown: hololive Fighting Game!

“Idol Showdown” is a fan-made fighting game featuring hololive talents (holomen). The game has attracted the attention of professional fighting game gamers due to its high level of perfection, which is believed to have led to the official competition to be held at the fighting game e-sports tournament “EVO 2023”.

Pro-gamer Koji KOG (小路KOG), who has been attracting attention recently for his “Growing fascination with hololive Production,” is also entered in the competition.

Idol Showdown @ EVO 2023!

EVO 2023