hololive Meet Announces First Pop-up Store in Taipei, Taiwan

We have been confirmed that the pop-up store for “hololive Meet,” an overseas event project of the VTuber agency hololive Production operated by COVER Corporation will open first store in Taipei, Taiwan.

Image Credit: Press Release
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“hololive Meet” is an overseas event project launched by the company and agency in April 2022, and has achieved participation in more than 20 overseas events in 2022.

The opening of this pop-up store will be announced by Sakura Miko (affiliation: hololive), who is the 2023 ambassador of the project, on digital signage that can be seen from the square in front of 台北市西門町 屈臣氏武昌店前広場. It has been announced that the store is scheduled to open in the 三創生活園区 from August 11th to 23rd, and that various other events are being planned until the end of the year.

Videos from local viewers and fans report a large turnout.

hololive Meet

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