hololive Production Announced Changed to VTuber’s Studio 3D Streaming Plans

hololive Production Announced Changed to VTuber's Studio 3D Streaming Plans

COVER Corporation Announced Changes on January 10, 2024 (PST) Regarding studio 3D Streamings of VTuber Agency hololive Production‘s Talents.

ホロライブプロダクション hololive Production
hololive Production
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In principle, hololive Production has been “Providing the opportunity for commemorative 3D streaming up to twice a year in conjunction with activity anniversaries and birthdays to the talents after their 3D debut,” with the exception of COVID-19, but this has created a lot of pressure and strain on both the talents and staff in terms of preparation and physical condition management. However, the decision was made to change this policy because “It is important to continue to provide healthy talent activities and the best entertainment to a wide range of people“.

From April onward, “In principle, we will provide the talent with an opportunity for commemorative 3D streaming once a year for use in birthday commemorations (however, there may be cases where commemorative streaming will not use 3D, or 3D streaming will be held at a different time or project than the birthday, based on discussions with the talent),” and “The company plans to hold a commemorative 3D streaming event for the anniversary celebration by gathering the group of generations and groups“. Furthermore, the company will consider “A variety of projects, such as outside location shooting and variety shows, without being restricted to gorgeous live music concerts and numerous guest appearances“.

The change in hololive Production’s policy regarding studio 3D streaming is an improvement in consideration of the health and employment environment for the company’s staff and the talent that will be increasingly involved in the company’s activities.


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