hololive Production’s Number of Fan-Made Games Reaches 500

hololive Production's Number of Fan-Made Games Reaches 500

Indie game developer David Wu Announced on March 22, 2024, VTuber Agency hololive Production‘s Fan-Made Game had Reached 500.

hololive Production's Number of Fan-Made Games Reaches 500
Image Credit: X (Twitter)

With today’s update, the hololive fangames database has reached 500 projects listed. It happened so soon!
I feel like it was just a few weeks ago when I wrote about the database reaching 400 entries.
Today I checked and it’s been 8 months since then.
One hundred new hololive fangames created by passionate fans in just 8 months. That’s mind blowing!

I’m also excited about the support gamedevs are getting from COVER themselves through the holo Indie program.
I’m sure we’ll see some amazing and super fun games released as part of this pioneering support program.

Keep creating! Let’s all have fun making games!

David Wu SoftDev (@SoftdevWu)

Cover Corporation, which operates HoloLive Productions, promotes UGC (User Generated Content) by fans and supports fan-made games through the launch of the “holo Indie” brand for secondary game creation.

The creative enthusiasm of hololive fans and Cover’s efforts, we expect to see more and more fan-made games from hololive Production in the future.

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