hololive Production's Official App “holoplus” Released

On August 29, 2023 (PST), COVER Corporation Released “holoplus”, the Official Application of VTuber Agency hololive Production.

hololive Production's Official App “holoplus” Released
Image Credit: Press Release
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holoplus is based on the convept of “Oshi will Love You More!”, the official iOS / Android smartphone application of hololive production. Originally scheduled for release this spring, it was postponed to this summer.

In addition to contents such as “My Oshi” push notifications and an information filter function to ensure that you do not miss any information on Oshi talents, a “Home Screen” with the latest information organized by category, “hologra Pickup” introducing past contents of hololive, “holoplus Music Club,” and “holoplus English! In addition to such content as “holotto English!”, which introduces English phrases from holololive videos, original content will be provided for both beginners and core fans, including original information linked to various major events.

There are also official fan communities for each of hololive and HOLOSTARS.

This version is only available in Japanese and for Japanese market. Future updates are scheduled to include English support, expansion of countries served, and the addition of holodule functions.

Image Credit: Press Release
© 2016 COVER Corp.

In addition, Harusaki Nodoka (春先のどか), a new staff member of HOLOLOLIVE Production, has been appointed as “holoplus promotion captain”. In addition to her current activities as a staff member, she will be active in the application, SNS, streaming, etc.

I will do my best to make you “Fall in love with your guesses even more” through holoplus!✨

Comment from Harusaki Nodoka


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