HOLOSTARS English VTuber “Axel Syrios” to Appear at Algorhythm Project 1st Only Event “Algor Arcana”

HOLOSTARS English VTuber

Thai VTuber Agency Algorhythm Project Announced on November 15, 2023 (PST) that Axel Syrios of hololive Production’s English-Speaking Male Group “HOLOSTARS English (HOLOSTARS-EN)” will Perform at Algorhythm Project’s 1st Only Event “Algor Arcana“.

Algorhythm Project 1stオンリーイベント「Algor Arcana」に VTuber アクセル・シリオス (Axel Syrios) が出演決定
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Algorhythm Project (ARP) is a Thai VTuber agency run by Realic Production.The name is a coined word combining Algorithm and Rhythm, and as of November 6, 2012, 29 talents have been affiliated.

“Algol Arcana” is Algorhythm Project’s 1st only event, which will be held on December 9-10 at Samyang Mitrtown, Bangkok.

This will be the first time that a talent from hololive Production will appear at an Algorhythm Project’s event, and Axel Syrios is scheduled to appear on the pre-recorded stage on December 10 at 2am.

As of November 4, Algorhythm Project has become the first VTuber agencies and groupa from Thailand to rank 30th on YouTube average subscribers, according to our tally, and has emerged as the largest local VTuber agencies and groups.

On November 15 at 1am, Animate announced the pre-order of collaboration acrylic stands by Baabel, Dacapo, and Schneider. It is evident that the company is aiming to expand its recognition and aggressive development not only in Thailand but also in Japan and other foreign countries.

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