Idol’s CEO States No Plans to Introduce Male VTuber

Idol's CEO States No Plans to Introduce Male VTuber

Idol Corporation’s CEO Aviel Basin Stated on August 6, 2023 (PST) that the Company has No Plans to Introduce Male Talent in VTuber Business.

In response to the following marshmallow messages from viewers and fans, Basin stated that the company has no plans to introduce male talent.

Is there any chance of going the holopro route and forming a separate branch for male talents, or is that completely out of the question now? I can’t lie, it’s more than a little demoralizing to see yet another possible path into the vtuber scene being closed off, but it would be good to know if it’s worth holding out hope or better to just look elsewhere.

idol exclusively features female VTuber characters and we do not plan to introduce male characters. While we understand this may be disappointing, there are many other agencies offering opportunities and auditions for male VTuber characters.

We’ve made that clear a couple of times, so please respect that decision and avoid asking us about it.

Aviel Basin

Idol's CEO States No Plans to Introduce Male VTuber

All of the talents debuted by the company to date has been female, and Basin’s views on this issue suggest that the company will continue to develop as a agency and group featuring female talents.

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