Idol Corporation Returns 75% of Profits to VTubers

Idol Corporation Returns 75% of Profits to VTubers

Idol Corporation Disclosed on August 20, 2023 (PST) that it has a “75%” Revenue Return Rate for VTuber Talent Affiliated with the Company.

Idol Corporation Returns 75% of Profits to VTubers
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By the end of 2023, idol is committed to making its talent contract transparent. Today, however, we have decided to reveal one of the biggest secrets of VTuber agencies – the percentage cut for our VTuber talents, so that other aspiring VTubers can make informed decisions.

Our VTuber talents receive a 60% cut from their VTuber activities, but it doesn’t end there. On average, our talents also indirectly receive an additional 15% each month from our expense coverage. This includes complete coverage of costs for video editors, music production, video games, equipment, and more. This means that talents effectively receive 75% of the revenue, both directly and indirectly.

The remaining 25% is retained by idol each month, allowing us to remain a profitable company and to reinvest profits in our growth, team salaries, expansion, and more VTuber debuts.

idol proves that it’s possible to maintain high profitability and rapid growth while not only giving creators a fair share but also actively reinvesting in them, helping them turn streaming into a full-time job from as early as day one.

The background to Idol’s unusual decision to disclose the percentage of profit returned to the talent who affiliating to the company can be attributed to a series of issues related to WACTOR Production in Latin America, and the recent attention paid to NIJISANJI and NIJISANJI EN (New) regarding the return of profits to the talent who affiliating to the company.

As of August 20, Idol has 14 talents from Israel and English-speaking countries, and has announced plans to expand into Latin America.

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