idol New VTubers “GENESIS” Debuts March 17, 2024

idol New VTubers "GENESIS" Debuts March 17, 2024

idol (IDOL VIRTUAL TALENTS LTD / Headquarters: Israel) Announced on March 10, 2024 (PST) that the New VTuber Unit “GENESIS” will Debut on March 17.

idol New VTubers "GENESIS" Debuts March 17, 2024
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Important Announcement

Dear Fans,

We would like to inform you that as of this morning our office has become the scene of a serious incident.

A group identifying themselves as “GENESIS” has taken control of our offices. The situation is still unfolding, and we are gathering all the details as quickly as possible.

The safety of our team and the resolution of this crisis are our top priorities. We are in close communication with law enforcement and security experts to resolve this situation safe…

idol entered the VTuber industry in May 2022 with the debut of five talents from Israel. On November 20 of the same year, 5 members of E-Sekai, the 1st-gen of new talents for English-speaking countries, debuted, followed by 5 members of Endress, the 2nd-gen, in June 2023. Of these, Rin Penrose’s YouTube channel has 500K subscribers, Yuko Yurei’s has over 200K subscribers, and in August, the company announced its expansion into Spanish-speaking countries (Latin America). In our survey of YouTube average subscribers by agencies and groups, the company emerged as the 23rd most popular agencies and groups in the world, and is rapidly increasing its presence as one of the most active agency groups in recent years.

Furthermore, on December 28, a business alliance agreement was signed with Brave group Inc. Thus, the company is attracting people’s attention as an agency that is expected to make great strides in the future.

The video released this time suggests that GENESIS may be a 2-person new talent group. It is not known in which language they will debut at this time.


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