idol to Launch New VTubers for Latin America (Spanish) Soon?

idol to Launch New VTubers for Latin America (Spanish) Soon?

idol (IDOL VIRTUAL TALENTS LTD / headquartered in Israel) February 1, 2024 (PST), Released an X (Twitter) Post (Tweet) Foreshadowing the Announcement of a New VTubers for Latin America (Spanish).

idol to Launch New VTubers for Latin America (Spanish) Soon?
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Can They Become a “True Agency” in Latin America?

idol entered the VTuber industry in May 2022 with the debut of five talents from Israel. On November 20 of the same year, 5 members of E-Sekai, the 1st-gen of new talents for English-speaking countries, debuted, followed by 5 members of Endress, the 2nd-gen, in June 2023. Of these, Rin Penrose’s YouTube channel has 500K subscribers, Yuko Yurei’s has over 200K subscribers, and in August, the company announced its expansion into Spanish-speaking countries (Latin America). In our survey of YouTube average subscribers by agencies and groups, the company emerged as the 22nd most popular agencies and groups in the world, and is rapidly increasing its presence as one of the most active agency groups in recent years.

Furthermore, on December 28, a business alliance agreement was signed with Brave group Inc. Thus, the company is attracting people’s attention as an agency that is expected to make great strides in the future.

In August 2023, idol announced that it would enter the Latin American (Spanish-speaking) VTuber business and hold auditions for new talents.

On the other hand, the region has been experiencing a series of problems surrounding WACTOR Production in 2023 and OWOZU as of February 1, and these have caused severe headwinds that have led to the loss of trust in the agency group itself through corporate management in the region due to accusations of unfair treatment of talents, etc, the agencies and groups itself has been suffering from a severe headwind of loss of credibility.

Therefore, it is undeniable that idol’s entry into Latin America this time has unfortunately coincided with the OWOZU problem, making it the worst possible timing.

In August 2023, idol took the unusual step of announcing that it was paying “75%” of its profits to the talents it represents (although it is not clear whether this was due to the aforementioned WACTOR Production and the harsh “Black Company Criticism” of NIJISANJI EN (New) and ANYCOLOR Inc.).

In response to idol’s stance and current situation, local VTuber listeners and fans commented on the X (Twitter) post, “The company is more trustworthy than WACTOR Production and OWOZU. They will not repeat the same mistake.” On the other hand, there are many concerns that “The company will become a problematic company after expanding into the local market” and “The result of having been betrayed in this way is now“.

The company’s entry into Latin America coincides with the ongoing OWOZU issue, and unfortunately, it is inevitable that the company will be embarking on this new venture against the backdrop of the ongoing OWOZU problem. That is expected to be a tough sailing.

Despite these circumstances, however, not a few local VTuber listeners and fans are encouraging the company, saying that “They will be the last hope,” and “They hope all will go well and that a real VTuber agency will be created in Latin America“.

It will be interesting to see if idol can rebuild the lost credibility of the corporate agency group and become authentic in Latin America.


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