idol VTuber “Pochi Wanmaru” Graduates

idol VTuber "Pochi Wanmaru" Graduates

idol (IDOL VIRTUAL TALENTS LTD / headquarters: Israel) Announced the Graduation of VTuber Talent Pochi Wanmaru on March 23, 2024 (PST).

idol VTuber "Pochi Wanmaru" Graduates
Pochi Wanmaru (Second from Left)
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Important Notice regarding the graduation of Pochi Wanmaru

Dear Fans,

With respect and consideration for her wishes, Pochi Wanmaru from idolEN first generation will be graduating from idol, effective March 23nd, 2024. This decision comes directly from Pochi, and we support her in taking the next steps on her journey. Pochi will also not be performing a graduation stream at her request.

Additionally, we want to inform you about refunds for the second donothon event. Following discussions, and considering Pochi’s mental health concerns, she is unable to fulfill the goals associated with this event. Therefore, we’ve decided to issue refunds to all fans who request one by April 10th, 2024. For those who do not request a refund by this deadline, the contributions will go to Pochi as initially intended. We will be providing information on how to request a refund through our Discord server.

We recognize that recent misunderstandings and allegations concerning payments have
arisen. We want to clarify that there have been no changes to our policies, and we have
consistently paid all talents promptly, including earnings from donothons. We addressed these misunderstandings directly with Pochi and reached a mutual agreement. We apologize for any confusion this situation may have caused. We acknowledge the specific concerns regarding donothon payment and can confirm that, after a thorough review with Pochi, any misunderstandings have been fully resolved.

Pochi has been a valued member of our idol English branch since its foundation. We
recognize her contributions and wish her success in her future endeavors.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

idol Team