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P2y.EN is a News Media covers “Virtual, Metaverse, VTuber”, “Gaming, Nintendo” and more.

We are the English version of Japanese news media We will handle a variety of information on a more global basis.

Operating Structure

In addition to the administrative representatives of, we hope to build the media with contributions from various people around the world.
For the time being, the majority of articles on will be translated into English, but this will change in the future.

Browsing Environment

We have a multi-platform design that can be viewed from any PC, Smartphone, or Tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Found an error in listed information

We publish information mainly based on information from other sources, information provided by you, and our own information that was gathered by our management representatives and reporters.
Some of this information may be incorrect as a result of a variety of factors, such as the credibility of the information degrading over time or the source of the information itself being incorrect.
We always fact-check our sources to ensure the accuracy of our content and reflect this in our site updates, but we understand that there may be areas where we are inaccurate.
If you find any errors in our information, we would appreciate it if you could point them out to us using our contact form.

Please give us a safer way to access P2y.EN

All pages on P2y.EN are SSL-compatible, and you can access the site more securely by accessing it from