ISEGYE IDOL Ranked World’s No.2 in Average YouTube Subscribers

ISEGYE IDOL Ranked World's No.2 in Average YouTube Subscribers

As of March 23, 2024 (PST), VTuber group ISEGYE IDOL has Become the First Korean VTuber Agencies and Groups in History to Rank World’s 2nd in Terms of Average YouTube Subscribers (406,667) for 6 Talents.

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ISEGYE IDOL Ranked World's No.2 in Average YouTube Subscribers
Image Credit: YouTube

ISEGYE IDOL is a virtual idol group from Korea, starting their activities in December 2021. The 6 members are GOSEGUINElilpaJINGBURGERVIichan, and JURURU.

ISEGYE IDOL’s rise to 2nd place in the world in terms of average subscribers is due to the relative impact of the debut of new talent “Tsumugi Kokage” in VTuber group VSPO!

Note that ISEGYE IDOL continued to record high growth in the number of subscribers after it surpassed NIJISANJI Project in the average number of subscribers on February 5, becoming the first Korean VTuber agencies and groups in history to rise to No.4 in the world, so regardless of other trends, it could have risen to No.2 in the world by April~ May.

Meanwhile, on the same day, Korean VTuber Agency StelLive moved up to 17th place, surpassing the average subscribers of The Box in Taiwan, MKLNtic and .LIVE in Japan.

Average Subscribers by VTuber Agencies and Groups

Agency, Group, etcAverage Subscribers
1hololive Production986,776
5NIJISANJI Project377,969
6Mythic Talent344,850
9Million Production239,320
10Aogiri High School225,210
March 23, 2024

The achievement of the 2ond place in the world in terms of average subscribers by ISEGYE IDOL and the breakthrough of StelLive indicate that Korean VTuber industry has entered a stage of full-fledged attention following the English-speaking world and Indonesia.