Mikeneko Released a Statement Regarding Troubles with Mafumafu

On January 28, 2024, VTuber Mikeneko (Koi Ito Ria / affiliation: VOICE-ORE / label: PONY CANYON / Formerly Uruha Rushia, etc) Released a Statement Regarding a Dispute with Singer Mafumafu.

This article is based on Mikeneko’s claims. We ask that you read it with full understanding of this.

Mikeneko Released a Statement Regarding Troubles with Mafumafu
Mikeneko (Koito Ria)’s Character Created by Yasuyuki
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In her statement, Mikeneko states that she and Mafumafu were married in 2021 and divorced in 2022, and that she had no choice but to mention this in response to the other party’s one-sided allegations. It also states that it is taking both civil and criminal judicial action against Mafumafu, and that it will continue activities as a streamer.


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On January 26, Mafumafu released a statement on his official website regarding the trouble with Mikeneko. On January 27, he appeared on YouTuber Korekore (affiliation: Livestreamers Inc. / UUUM)’s live streaming and mentioned the trouble.

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