NIJISANJI EN (New) and ANYCOLOR Act of Listing Critics Drew a Wave of Criticism

NIJISANJI EN (New) and ANYCOLOR Act of Listing Critics Drew a Wave of Criticism

An Act of Listing Individuals and Organizations that have Criticized VTuber Group NIJISANJI EN (New) and ANYCOLOR Inc. has been Carried Out by Some of the Group’s and the Company’s Supporters, this has been Criticized by a Number of People.

NIJISANJI EN (New) and ANYCOLOR Act of Listing Critics Drew a Wave of Criticism
Image Credit: X (Twitter)

On February 5, ANYCOLOR announced that it had terminated its contract with Selen Tatsuki due to “Repeated contract violations and misleading and false statements on social networking sites“. Furthermore, the company’s IR announcement, including the “Impact of Business Performance is Negligible,” has been the source of intense criticism among VTuber listeners and fans.

And the list in question appears to have been created by some NIJISANJI EN (New) and ANYCOLOR supporters, listing X (Twitter) accounts of organizations and celebrities that have criticized the group and the company or have had their business terminated.

In addition to these accounts, personal accounts were also listed, which has drawn a great deal of criticism for its possible intention to call for “Attacks” on these people.

Indies, Merch, Artists that support Doki/xSelen
These are twitter handles of those who support Doki
and throw stones at Nijisanji EN & Anycolor

note: work in progress, pls wait
disclaimer: I did not make this list all by myself, a lot
of input are from Niji fans and I just make the
compilation here and double check by looking up for
the evidence tweets.
First and foremost pls, BLOCK THIS PERSON, one of
the most disgusting people in the community, two-
faced person who trash talk Anycolor/Nijisanji EN,
Elira and Vox, retweet revenge porn of Elira and make
fun of her, but they’re still replying to Nijien livers
tweets acting like goody two shoes.

This list is closed as of February 25, 16:00.

This act of listing individuals and organizations that have criticized NIJISANJI EN (New) and ANYCOLOR will be seen as a further invitation to a series of fierce criticism of the group and the company.

The “NIJISANJI EN (New)” we use is to distinguish it from the original “NIJISANJI EN (former NIJISANJI IN / India)” that existed in the past.