NIJISANJI EN (New) VTuber Elira Pendora Expressed Criticized Selen Tatsuki and Support for ANYCOLOR

NIJISANJI EN (New) VTuber Elira Pendora Expressed Criticized Selen Tatsuki and support for ANYCOLOR

On February 12, 2024 (PST), Elira Pendora, a Talent of NIJISANJI EN (New), a VTuber group operated by ANYCOLOR Inc. Streamed to Express her Support for ANYCOLOR and her Criticism of Selen Tatsuki, who was terminated on February 5.

This information includes information whose authenticity has not yet been confirmed. We will update this article as soon as the facts are confirmed.

NIJISANJI EN (New) VTuber Elira Pendora Expressed Criticized Selen Tatsuki and support for ANYCOLOR
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Elira Pendora expressed support for ANYCOLOR’s policy in the streaming video, citing that Selen Tatsuki’s lawyer had sent her personal information, including her location; that Selen Tatsuki’s evidence was private; that Selen Tatsuki’s allegations were false; and that she was not aware of any other evidence that could be used to support her claims.

On February 5, ANYCOLOR announced that it had terminated its contract with Selen Tatsuki due to “Repeated contract violations and misleading and false statements on social networking sites“. Furthermore, the company’s IR announcement, including the “Impact of Business Performance is Negligible,” has been the source of intense criticism among VTuber listeners and fans.

Some VTuber listeners and fans have begun to speculate that Elira Pendora’s streaming was not Elira’s personal idea, but rather ANYCOLOR’s idea being conveyed through her, and further criticism that the company was in fact using the celebrity as a shield.

Furthermore, Dokibird (unaffiliated), who was streaming at the same time as this streaming, and who appears to be an actor of Selen Tatsuki’s, also interrupted the streaming and issued a statement.

I will say that it never supposed to be shown to anyone other than me, my lawyer and other relevant lawyers. It was a private document with my own personal information and was used as a legal document to help my lawyer and document my thoughts + was never supposed to release anywhere else to any other parties outside of legal department. It makes me wonder if my medical and hospital records was also released without my consent as that was also promised to me to be kept private.

Doki 🏆️ (@dokibird)

I am currently talking to my lawyer and thankfully only my diagnosis and reason for hospital stay was reported without further private info being disclosed. It was requested that none of this info should be revealed to anyone other than legal. Thank you everyone for the support, I really wish things didn’t have to go this way, I didn’t say anything more and I was ready to move on and start a new life.

Doki 🏆️ (@dokibird)

The “NIJISANJI EN (New)” we use is to distinguish it from the original “NIJISANJI EN (former NIJISANJI IN / India)” that existed in the past.