NIJISANJI EN (New) VTuber Nina Kosaka’s Graduation Information Leaked Before Official Announcement?

NIJISANJI EN (New) VTuber Nina Kosaka's Graduation Information Leaked Before Official a Announcement?

It has been confirmed by VTuber community that information regarding the graduation of ANYCOLOR Inc.’s VTuber group NIJISANJI EN (New) talent Nina Kosaka may have been leaked online before official announcement.

ANYCOLOR announced on June 26, 2023 (PST) that Nina Kosaka will graduate from the group on July 8.

Meanwhile, in the overseas VTuber community, information about Kitsusaka’s graduation may have been leaked, as the following post was made on the English-speaking bulletin board site “4channel” prior to the release of the above information by ANYCOLOR.

Hello, aruvn’s here. The announcement tomorrow is Nina’s graduation, it will be announced an hour before her stream. Her graduation stream will be next week on Friday. Be on the lookout for more graduations in the future.


Some people believe that the above post was not a leak of information, but rather an accidental prediction of a talent’s graduation by the poster.

In addition, it has been pointed out by many people that information on ANYCOLOR and NIJISANJI EN (New), including character design images of new talents, may have been “Leaked” and posted on the same “4channel” before the information was disclosed. In addition, it has been revealed that a person claiming to be Kyo Kaneko of the group may have leaked information about Zaion LanZa‘s contract termination on “4channel” a few hours before the company announced the termination of Zaion LanZa’s contract.

The “NIJISANJI EN (New)” we use is to distinguish it from the original “NIJISANJI EN (former NIJISANJI IN / India)” that existed in the past.

Nina Kosaka【NIJISANJI EN】 / Nina Kosaka 🎰 NIJISANJI EN / 狐坂ニナ

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