NIJISANJI EN (New) VTuber Selen Tatsuki’s Cover Song Music Video has been Privated by Management

NIJISANJI EN (New) VTuber Selen Tatsuki's Cover Song Music Video has been Privated by Management

VTuber Selen Tatsuki (affiliation: NIJISANJI EN (New)) Announced on December 25, 2023 (PST) that the Music Video (MV) for her Cover Song “LAST CUP OF COFFEE” was Made Private by Management.

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Selen Tatsuki announced on December 25 that he would premiere a cover music video for the song “LAST CUP OF COFFEE,” but later revealed that this music video “has been made private by the administrators (management).” She also commented with regret, “Many dragoon (fans) spent a lot of money and effort to make this song, so please feel free to re-upload it,” and “I’m really sad that this happened at Christmas, but I hope people can still listen to it somehow.”

As of 7:00 on December 26, there has been no announcement from the management (ANYCOLOR Inc.) as to why this MV was made private.


Merry Christmas! This song holds a special place in my heart & I’m excited to finally release this cover for you. Lots of dragoon artists drew for the MV!

🕐Premiere: December 25th ・5pm PST
December 26th・1am GMT / 10am JST

Hello I apologize but management has privated the Song. Please feel free to reupload since a lot of money and effort was done by so many dragoons. I’m really sad that this happened on christmas but I hope somehow you guys will still be able to listen to it in some way.

In response to Selen Tatsuki’s decision to make her music videos private, a number of VTuber listeners and fans have criticized NIJISANJI EN (New) / NIJISANJI Project and their operator ANYCOLOR Inc.

This year, the release of the so-called “Zaion Document” by Zaion LanZa, a former NIJISANJI EN (New) talent who was terminated from her contract with NIJISANJI EN (New), has triggered fierce criticism of the company and projects as a “Black Company” Selen Tatsuki’s efforts to find a way out of a difficult situation have been highly praised by listeners and fans, and the decision to make the music video private is a reflection of the fact that “The Person who are Working the Hardest are Being Treated the Most Unreasonably“, and many people have expressed their concern for Selen Tatsuki.

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