NIJISANJI EN (New) VTuber Uki Violeta’s “Racist Remarks Against Whites” Draws Criticism

NIJISANJI EN (New) VTuber Uki Violeta's "Racist Remarks Against Whites" Draws Criticism

We have Confirmed that VTuber Uki Violeta (affiliation: NIJISANJI EN (New)) has made “Racist Remarks Against Whites” and has been Criticized by a Number of People for his Past Comments and the Attitude of ANYCOLOR Inc.

NIJISANJI EN (New) VTuber Uki Violeta's "Racist Remarks Against Whites" Draws Criticism
Image Credit: X (Twitter)
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Uki Violeta replied on February 20, 2024 to his X (Twitter) Post (Tweet) “What do you think about straight white men? Remind us of your opinion about straight white men, please mr positivity and love spreader“, he replied “They’re just as irresponsible and selfish as your response“. This has drawn criticism, especially from overseas VTuber listeners and fans.

In addition, Uki Violeta’s comments have led to a series of “racist remarks against whites” that he had made in the past.

Uki Violeta’s Past Statements

The hosts won’t let me win because they are “White People”

While impersonating Reimu, “White people can’t cook”

Who walks and runs in the summer? “White people” *awkward laughter*

White man does the bare minimum”

“You’re a fucking white male”

“White people can’t kiss”

Some white people give him a friendly greeting on the street. He assumes they’re racist.1

Some white people give him a friendly greeting on the street. He assumes they’re racist.2

“White people’s hotdogs suck”

These clothes will only match you “if you’re a pasty white person”. Chat goes LMAO!

“Creepy ass white man….I hate you”

The only times white people were mentioned and it wasn’t in the negative sense: “That white man was there again”

“The naked white man”

Uki Violeta and “white people”


ANYCOLOR’s “Double Standard” Constitution

The criticism of Uki Violeta’s comments is not limited to the celebrity, but is also directed at ANYCOLOR, which operates NIJISANJI EN (New).

ANYCOLOR announced the termination of NIJISANJI EN (New) talent Zaion LanZa‘s contract in March 2023. Part of the reason included “Inappropriate jokes related to racism and sexual violence during streaming”.

On the other hand, despite Uki Violeta’s repeated racist comments, there is no record of any specific disciplinary action being taken against him. Therefore, it is believed that this is a double standard that has led to criticism of ANYCOLOR.

In addition to NIJISANJI EN (New), such “double standards” have been observed in NIJISANJI in Japan, such as the lack of punishment for Kenmochi Toya, who made a derogatory comment about ADHD, and the fact that the punishment for Gwell Os Gar, who published “A singing video of a song made with the intention of slandering Usada Pekora, a talent affiliating to hololive Production,” was only suspension.

The reason behind the criticism of ANYCOLOR’s stance this time is not Uki Violeta’s “Racist remarks against whites” per se, but the fact that VTuber listeners and fans have completely lost faith in the company, which seems to be differentiating the punishment for each talents.

ANYCOLOR and NIJISANJI EN (New) have been facing intense criticism since the cancellation of Selen Tatsuki‘s contract and the resulting decline in the number of YouTube subscribers for their talent. The “Racist remarks” by Uki Violeta and the company’s double standards that have been brought into the spotlight by these remarks have led to further criticism.

The “NIJISANJI EN (New)” we use is to distinguish it from the original “NIJISANJI EN (former NIJISANJI IN / India)” that existed in the past.