NIJISANJI VTuber Kenmochi Toya’s “ADHD Comment” is Reported Critically

NIJISANJI VTuber Kenmochi Toya's “ADHD Comment” is Reported Critically

On August 30, 2023 (PST), Anime News Network published an Article Criticizing VTuber Kenmochi Toya (Affiliation: NIJISANJI) for Making Comments in His Streaming that Implied that 2 Members of the Same Group, Tsukino Mito and Uzuki Kou, have ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

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NIJISANJI VTuber Kenmochi Toya's “ADHD Comment” is Reported Critically
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Kenmochi Toya’s “ADHD” Suggestive Remarks Problem Flow

On August 22, in a streaming commemorating his birthday, Kenmochi Toya implied that Tsukino Mito and Uzuki Kou have ADHD.

Kenmochi said in the streaming (around the 90-minute mark), “We’ve told each other that we’re both screw-ups, and I’ve softened the term ‘screw-up’ to ‘HDMI’”. On the other hand, he also said, “I think this is a good thing as a streamer,” and “To be honest, they are inseparable when you are in this industry,” suggesting that he did not mean his comments in a negative way.

However, the content of this statement was controversial among listeners and fans, and after the streaming ended, some of them pointed out that “HDMI” might be a “Cloak for ADHD,” and that it was inappropriate.

Furthermore, in Kenmochi’s subsequent streaming, “HDMI” “ADHD” “コウ (Kou)” “月ノ (Tsukino)” “美兎 (Mito)” “委員長 (Iinchou / Nickname for Tsukino Mito)” “mt” “ku” “発達 (Developmental)” and “障害 (Disorder)” were blocked (designated as NG words), leading to increased criticism. Some people have criticized not only Kenmochi himself but also his group NIJISANJI and ANYCOLOR Inc. for not apologizing, and the situation appears to be escalating into a virtual flame war.

Reported by Anime News Network

In response to this event, Anime News Network published an article titled “Nijisanji YouTuber Kenmochi Toya Jokes About Fellow Streamers Having ADHD (Reporter: Richard Eisenbeis)”.

Kenmochi Toya used the pejorative term ‘HDMI’ to imply Mito Tsukino and Kou Uzuki have ADHD” “In Japanese net slang, ADHD is often pejoratively referred to as HDMI.” “These comments have caused more than a bit of controversy in the Japanese VTuber sphere. As one user puts it, there are three issues at play:

As of August 31, this issue has become an ongoing sensitive topic. While some have said that this is a de facto flame war, we ask that you keep an eye on the situation and make a calm decision without getting involved in slandering.

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Nijisanji YouTuber Kenmochi Toya Jokes About Fellow Streamers Having ADHD

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