NIJISANJI 1st-Gen VTuber “Moira” to 1 Year Hiatus

NIJISANJI 1st-Gen VTuber “Moira” to 1 Year Hiatus

VTuber Moira (affiliated with Nijisanji)’s Official X (Twitter) Account Announced on March 13, 2024 (PST) that she will be Taking a 1 Year Hiatus.

NIJISANJI 1st-Gen VTuber “Moira” to 1 Year Hiatus
Image Credit: X (Twitter)

I will take a break for about a year.
In conjunction with this, we will temporarily close our fan club and membership at the end of March.
Please check the fan club website for more information about the fan club.
For membership refunds, please contact the official NIJISANJI office.

モイラ@運命を司る女神 (@Moiramoimoimoi)

Moira debuted on February 8, 2018 (JST) as a NIJISANJI 1st-gen.

In early February, some NIJISANJI listeners and fans posted critical comments (tweets) about Moira after she followed and reposted (retweeted) the official X account of new talent Aoi Sakura (Independent). It is not certain at this time whether this has influenced her policy this time around.

Some also seem to have the uncomfortable feeling that this post is nuanced and different from Moira’s usual posts, but this too is just an unfounded impression at this point.

As of March 13, she has unfollowed all followers, including NIJISANJI Livers.

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