NIJISANJI VTubers “Yuki Chihiro” and “Azuchi Momo” to Graduate as of January 31


ANYCOLOR Inc. Announced on December 12, 2023 (PST) that Yuki Chihiro and Azuchi Momo, Talents of VTuber / Virtual Liver Group NIJISANJI, will Graduate on January 31, 2024.

Image Credit: X (Twitter)

Report on the Graduation of “Yuki Chihiro” and “Azuchi Momo”

Thank you very much for your continued support of virtual liver groups “NIJISANJI” and “MIJISANJI EN”.

We regret to inform you that two of our Livers, “Yuki Chihiro” and “Azuchi Momo” will graduate from “NIJISANJI” on January 31, 2024.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the fans and related parties in each country who have supported “Yuki Chihiro” and “Azuchi Momo” and their activities.

“Yuki Chihiro” debuted on February 8, 2018 as a member of 1st-gen of NIJISANJI, and has made achievements in various competitions while mainly streaming games.
“Azuchi Momo” debuted on June 3, 2018 as a member of 1st-gen of NIJISANJI SEEDs, and was well-liked by fans for her lovable voice.

We would like to express our respect and sincere gratitude to the 2 individuals who have brought smiles and inspiration to so many people.

YouTube membership will be closed on January 31, 2024, and sales of merchandise, voices, and other content will be phased out.Fan letters will be accepted until February 29, 2024.

Once again, thank you very much for your support and encouragement to “Yuki Chihiro” and “Azuchi Momo”.

All inquiries regarding this matter should be directed to the ANYCOLOR Corporation Inquiry desk ( ), Please refrain from contacting our affiliating livers (including any communication on SNS, comments during the broadcast, etc.).

December 12, 2023

Too Many Graduates…Concerns about the Future Sustainability of NIJISANJI and ANYCOLOR

The fact that Yuki Chihiro, one of supporters of early days of NIJISANJI, and Azuchi Momo, another early debut talent, have been added to the dominos of graduations, retirements, and contract terminations from ANYCOLOR management group in 2023, has come as a shock to many listeners and fans.

Although the company has not announced the specific reasons for the two students’ graduation, Yuki Chihiro has long expressed dissatisfaction with ANYCOLOR, in addition to slander and defamation of himself in his streaming. It has been pointed out by listeners, fans, and others that these various internal and external feelings may have influenced her decision.

Furthermore, Yuki Chihiro is a 1st-gen talent who has been active in NIJISANJI since earliest days, from now on, she is expected to be the first NIJISANJI 1st-gen talent to graduate. Azuchi Momo is also an early debut talent, meaning that 2 veteran talents will be leaving her NIJISANJI.

With the graduation announcements of Yuki Chihiro and Azuchi Momo, the number of talents in ANYCOLOR’s VTuber / virtual liver group who will graduate, retire, or have their contracts terminated in 2023 is expected to reach approx. 18 (approx. 28 including VirtuaReal, a joint venture in China). Adding to this members of VTuber training project “Virtual Talent Academy (VTA)” who disappeared for unknown reasons, it is possible that nearly 50 people have left ANYCOLOR in the past year.

Furthermore, in June 2023, NIJISANJI and ANYCOLOR were criticized by NIJISANJI EN (New), which was terminated by Zaion LanZa (commonly known as the “Zaion Document”), and the criticism that “NIJISANJI (Project) and ANYCOLOR are a Black Company” increased. Under these circumstances, It is possible that under these circumstances, talents who have reevaluated their employment environment are considering and making “choices” such as graduation or “Reincarnation” to other agencies or groups one after the other.