Nintendo Resource Center’s Officially Name “Nintendo Museum”

Nintendo Resource Center's Officially Name “Nintendo Museum”

Nintendo Announced on the Nintendo Direct broadcast on September 14, 2023 that the Official Name of Nintendo Resouse Center (Pseudonym) has been decided to “Nintendo Museum”.

Nintendo Resource Center's Officially Name “Nintendo Museum”
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任天堂 宇治小倉工場を「任天堂資料館(仮称)」としてリノベーション 2023年度完成予定
Image of the completed “Nintendo Museum”
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The “Nintendo Museum” is a tourist facility that utilizes the site and buildings of the company’s Uji-Ogura factory, which used to manufacture playing cards and hanafuda (Japanese playing cards) and repair game machines as a service center, and is currently under construction with completion scheduled for FY2023 (fiscal year ending March 2024).

Nintendo Direct 9.14.2023