Nintendo Suggests Switch 2 in Nintendo Direct?

Nintendo Suggests Switch 2 in Nintendo Direct?

It has been Confirmed that a Nintendo Direct Broadcast on September 14, 2023 (PST), Raised the Possibility that the Company was Secretly Hinting at the Existence of a Next-Generation Game Console (aka Nintendo Switch 2) that would Follow the Current Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Suggests Switch 2 in Nintendo Direct?
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On September 14, Nintendo held its latest Nintendo Direct broadcast introducing new game software for the Nintendo Switch and more. In the last part of the broadcast, a remake of the GameCube game “Paper Mario RPG” was announced.

GameXplain focused on this remake of Paper Mario RPG. It pointed out that the control button colors in the game scenes of this title are not based on the GameCube controller, but rather the button colors of the SNES controller in the remake. They are analyzing this as a preparation for the launch of the next generation console (Nintendo Switch 2), which will feature the SNES button color.

While their analysis is a bit of a stretch, Nintendo has released a New Nintendo 3DS in the past with the same button colors as the SNES controller.

There is a possibility that a SNES button-colored version of the new game console, which could be positioned as the “New Nintendo Switch,” could be considered in the same way as the New 3DS… We cannot rule out the possibility of this happening.

Regarding Nintendo’s next-generation console, there are reports that at the gamescom (Cologne International Game Show) in August, Nintendo showed developers a technology demo specially prepared for the next-generation console, which may be released next year, as well as information that NVIDIA’s AI upscaling technology “DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling)” and “ray tracing” may be used.

Nintendo Direct 9.14.2023