Nintendo Switch 2 Latest Specs Leaked?

Nintendo Switch 2 Latest Specs Leaked?

The Latest Leaked Specs for Nintendo’s Next-Generation Game Console (a.k.a. Nintendo Switch 2) have been Confirmed to be the Talk of the Town.

Nintendo Switch 2 Latest Specs Leaked?
Image Credit: YouTube

RedGamingTech released a video on September 16, 2023 (PST) regarding Nintendo’s next generation console. As the latest information from multiple sources, they released the latest specs information on the Nintendo Switch 2.

The leaked specification information is as follows.

CPUCortex-A78 (8 core)
Graphic12SM based mostly on NVIDIA Ampere architecture with some Lovelace features
Memory12GB (LPDDR5 128bit)
* There is a variety of information on the number of clocks, with one source claiming “6400 Mbps when docked, 4800 Mbps when handheld,” and another source claiming “4267 MHz,” although it is not specified whether this is when docked.
Storage256~512GB eMMC
* Unclear if there will be two capacity models or if the capacity is undetermined.
DLSSSupport seems to be real, but version information is confusing: They heard “3.x” from two sources, but another source says “3.1” and another says “3.5” will be supported.
Ray TracingThe view is that although technically possible to use, it will not be used based on its impact on performance.
Performance10~20% more than Xbox Series X (when connected to a dock)
Equivalent to ASUS ROG Ally (when portable)

In addition to information that Nintendo’s next-generation game console was shown to developers at gamescom, a game trade show held in August, with a technology demo specially prepared for a possible next-generation console to be released next year, there are also reports that NVIDIA’s AI upscaling technology “DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling)” and “ray tracing” may be used.

Although the following specs information is only a rumor, it is a promising sign that Nintendo may be secretly working on the next generation of consoles.