NoriPro’s Leader Tsukudani Norio held an Explanatory Streaming Following the Graduation and Independence of Affiliated VTubers

NoriPro's Leader Tsukudani Norio held an Explanatory Streaming Following the Graduation and Independence of Affiliated VTubers

VTuber Agency NoriPro‘s Leader Tsukudani Norio (Performer and Voice Model for VTuber Inuyama Tamaki) held a Streaming on November 21, 2023 (PST) to Explain the Graduation and Independence of Shirayuki Mishiro, Enomiya Milk, Himesaki Yuzuru, and Nekozeno Shin.

VTuber事務所 のりプロ 初のオーディション開催など重大発表を実施
Tsukudani Norio
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On November 19, 2023, NoriPro announced that Shirayuki Mishiro, Enomiya Milk, Himesaki Yuzuru, and Nekozeno Shin will graduate at the end of December and turn to independent talents from January 2024.

On the same day, Shirayuki Mishiro, Enomiya Milk, Himesaki Yuzuru, and Nekozeno Shin streamed the official announcement from NoriPro. Although they stated that they were not quitting due to dissatisfaction with the company, they could not reveal the reason due to contractual reasons, leading some viewers and fans to ask, “Isn’t this really an amicable graduation?” However, since the reason for the resignation could not be revealed due to contractual reasons, some viewers and fans have expressed their distrust of Tsukudani Norio, the leader of Tsukudani Norio and NoriPro, saying, “I did not hear any words of thanks from any of the talents to Tsukudani Norio.

Tsukudani Norio did a streaming on November 21 explaining NoriPro.

The abstract is as follows.

  • We apologize for the delay in providing this opportunity to speak with you all.
  • (As per the streaming content of the talents.) Due to confidentiality obligations, I cannot answer everything.
  • This independence was decided after long discussions with the four members.
  • There is a lot of speculation on the internet. Due to confidentiality and privacy reasons, I cannot go into details, but I would appreciate it if you could please not be negative.
  • Both the talents who is going independent this time and the talents who belongs to NoriPro will continue to be active in the future, so please watch over them warmly.
  • (I transferred the rights to the independent talents because) it is sad for the fans to see the talents disappear or retire.
  • I myself would like to support the talents who are going independent.
  • We honestly wanted them to continue working with NoriPro, but each person’s life choices are also important.
  • Of the talents who are going independent, all of them have permission as to whether or not they will change the appearance of the talents for whom they have designed their own characters.
  • We do not restrict their interaction with us after they become independent.
  • The newcomers who are scheduled to debut in the future have been informed in advance of the announcement of the talent graduation and independence, so they do not know about it out of the blue.
  • I hope you will look at NoriPro’s future activities and make a decision.

It will be interesting to see if the content of Tsukudani Norio’s streaming will be well received by listeners and fans in the future.


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