RIOT MUSIC Virtual Idol Unit “Bakedol” Debuts

RIOT MUSIC Virtual Idol Unit

RIOT MUSIC Inc. Announced on August 4, 2023 (PST), the Debut of Virtual Idol Unit “Bakedol (化ケドル)”

RIOT MUSIC Virtual Idol Unit
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What is Bakedol?

This is a completely new project from “RIOT MUSIC,” which operates several music labels.

Somewhere in Japan, there is a “Kidaki Sou”. The yokai who live there originally lived in human society, but something went wrong in their lives.

They decided to live a “Yokai Life” instead of a second life, saying “I want to shine as a yokai”.

As “Yokai Idol,” they aim to shine on the stage with their unique and “Off-the-beaten-path” viewpoints.

“Bakedol,” a new entertainment idol that is completely different from RIOT MUSIC up to now, will start.

Dokuro Tenisu (髑髏てにす)

A woman who originally dreamed of becoming an idol while working in human resources at a certain company.

Her mind collapsed due to the hard labor of her job, and she came up with the idea that “Everything would be solved if she became a Yokai,” and signed a contract with Gashadokuro.

She has a strong desire to “Make other otaku like her happy through her activities”.

She is making various efforts to reach the brilliant stage as an idol, but he is somewhat out of sync.

Sanmoto Noburi (山ン本のぶり)

A female yokai who originally lived in human society.

Feeling the limitations of her life as a human, she decided to become an idol as a yokai.

Her special skills include dancing, drumming, programming, and writing novels. As her specialties show, she is a literal and martial artist, but she has a complex about not being able to sing well, so she is making efforts to overcome this complex through her idol activities.

She has a downer look and personality, but she likes to make people laugh. She is not fond of ghosts.

RIOT MUSICから『化ケドル』がデビュー!コミックマーケット102への出展も決定!


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