Shigure Ui “Shukusei!! Loligami Requiem☆” Achieved 10 Million Views in 17 Days, the Fastest in VTuber’s Music Video History

Shigure Ui

VTuber Shigure Ui (Independent), as of September 27, 2023, has Released her Original Song Music Video (MV) “Shukusei! Loligami Requiem☆” has Surpassed 10 Million Views in “17 Days,” the Fastest Ever for MV by a VTuber Talents.

Shigure Ui
Image Credit: YouTube
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The song “Sukusei! Loligami Requiem☆” is a song from Shigure Ui’s album “Mada Ame wa Yamanai (Still the Rain Stops)” released on May 25, 2022.

This record of the fastest 10 million views in history greatly surpasses the record of “39 days” set by Houshou Marine (affiliated with Hololive) with their new song “Bishoujo Muzai ♡ Pirates” released on July 30. Furthermore, Shigure Ui’s YouTube subscriber count also grew rapidly after the release of this music video, and on September 22, she became the first Japanese independent talent to reach 1 million YouTube subscribers.

One of the movements surrounding this music video is that the younger generation who are challenging the dances in the music video are posting videos one after another on YouTube and TikTok. This is a phenomenon also seen in the aforementioned “Bishoujo Muzai ♡ Pirates,” and the increase in the number of subscribers for Shigure Ui and Houshou Marine can be attributed to the influx of this generation.

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