Slanderer Against Hoshimachi Suisei Admitted “I am NIJISANJI’s Moderator and Relation”

Slanderer Against Hoshimachi Suisei Admitted “I am NIJISANJI's Moderator and Relation”

On April 2, 2024 (PST), Ashiki, who had Made Allegedly Defamatory Statements About VTuber Hoshimachi Suisei (affiliation: hololive), Admitted that he is a Moderator and Relation of VTuber Group NIJISANJI (operated by ANYCOLOR Inc.).

Slanderer Against Hoshimachi Suisei Admitted “I am NIJISANJI's Moderator and Relation”
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This time, the slanderous act against Hoshimachi Suisei was confirmed by Ashiki, a Pokemon YouTuber. Ashiki was criticizing Hoshimachi Suisei’s collaboration project with the game THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS STARLIGHT STAGE, and also pointing out that he had made a post (tweet) that could be considered slanderous to Hoshimachi Suisei,It has been pointed out that Ashiki may have made a post (tweet) that could be considered slanderous to Hoshimachi Suisei (As of 22:20 on March 23, some of the following posts have been deleted).

I’m glad the collaboration between IDOLM@STER and Hoshimachi Suisei was rough as expected, because I thought the content was pretty disgusting, even as a regular VTuber. I wish they’d give them the ability to turn off the collaboration completely in the game, and if they turn it off, they’d get Jewels or something.

アシキ (@ASHIKI_games)

Ashiki has been suspected of slandering Hoshimachi Suisei’s hololive Production for some time, and has also been criticized for problematic behavior toward VTubers in the past, and in 2019, he was criticized by Unlimited (now Brave group Inc.) for inappropriate language and behavior in a competition with Yumesaki Kaede (affiliated with Game Club Project).

Now, Ashiki has acknowledged that he is a “Relation” moderating NIJISANJI by publishing the following post on his X (Twitter) account.

I am a moderator of NIJISANJI and I try to be responsible in my comments, but I really liked the scene where Uzuki Kou and Makaino Ririmu expressed their opinion that Kuzuha, who became a woman the other day, “Keeps wearing trunks as underwear” and Kuzuha was in a panic because she did not understand it, even though she said “That’s erotic”.

アシキ (@ASHIKI_games)

On December 4, 2022, COVER Corporation, which operates hololive Production, and ANYCOLOR, which operates NIJISANJI, issued a joint anti-disparagement statement, and now that Ashiki admitted to being a moderator and a related party of NIJISANJI, the Possibility that Someone Associated with ANYCOLOR (NIJISANJI) had Slandered the Talent Affiliating to COVER (hololive Production) would have Increased.

On April 4, Amamiya Kokoro made an irresponsible statement in a streaming video, saying, “The Moderator Issue has been Resolved,” without any sense of what on earth had been resolved.

Um, I know some of you are a little bit worried, but the moderators and such have already been taken care of a long time ago. I’m just wondering what you’re talking about when you’re dealing with it…so don’t worry about it.

天宮こころ (Amamiya Kokoro)

As a side note, Ashiki’s moderator Amamiya Kokoro (affiliation: NIJISANJI) sang “Shukusei! Lolikami (Loligami) Requiem” with hololive Production talents Amane Kanata, AZKi, Himemori Luna, and Shishido Akari of NIJISANJI. Needless to say, Ashiki, a NIJISANJI official who has been slandering hololive talent during this time, remains a moderator for Amamiya Kokoro.

There is a Japanese proverb that says, “Even the Face of a Buddha can be Seen 3 Times.” How much more will ANYCOLOR (NIJISANJI) have to denigrate COVER (hololive Production) for taking a compassionate and tolerant stance toward the industry as a whole? Is slander against industry players other than themselves as Negligible as breathing to them?

Please make sure to check not only this article, but also the primary information provided by the talent themselves, their agencies, groups, and companies, and if you see any malicious information or slander, please report it to the aforementioned contact.

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